Arctic Trekker 934 Laced (No Bindings)
$375.65 CAD / pair

Our Story

Size: 9" Wide x 30" Long

. . . In the beginning of the aluminum style snowshoe evolution many manufacturers made high quality, tough, snowshoes, including the once famous Sherpa snowshoe.. These snowshoes needed little maintenance and very few repairs, making them the choice snowshoe for work and/or serious play. Unfortunately, as with most things, quality has taken a back seat to making more money. We don’t buy into that view! We believe, a quality snowshoe creates a loyal customer. The snowshoe should be known for its durability & reliability. Cutting corners doesn’t create a quality product; it just shortens the trip to extinction. For over 40 years we have been selling snowshoes. We started in the hey days, when wood was the only way to go and Chestnut was a well-known name in the industry. Over the years we have watched the different brands come and go - materials were tested and either succeeded or failed. We’ve seen technical advancements become overshadowed by a decline in quality of top brand manufacturers. Because of this we have decided to take the plunge into re-inventing the high quality durable Arctic Trekker Snowshoe. We have been involved with snowshoes for a long, long time, and our knowledge of materials and snowshoe design will result in complete customer satisfaction.

We have tested what works and what doesn’t in other brands

We have looked at what materials wear out prematurely and aren’t tough as nails.

We have sourced the best quality parts from manufacturers all over Canada and the US.

We have sourced manufacturers who also, have a desire to make quality products.

And now, we are proud to introduce our new line of Arctic Trekker Snowshoes.

Ruggedly tough, aggressive snowshoes!

Because YOU depend on them!

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