SKU MIN-6000-050
Ultraviolet Lamp M100HO - 11 watt
$178.95 CAD / ea
M100HO shortwave - longwave UV lamp. The shortwave UV is a 11 watt high output bulb with a specifically tuned German UV reflector to maximize shotwave UV output through the external optical filter glass. The filters blocks out visible light generated by the bulb or LED. And on the side of the lamp fixture is a 8mm white light LED to help with hunting fluroescent minerals at night. Lamp uses 3 D batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Lamp Size: 10 1/2"" x 2 1/2"" x 2""
  • Wattage: enhanced 11W shortwave HO (high output)
  • Batteries Required: 3 D (not included)
  • UV sources: 11 watt 254nm Shortwave - 365nm UV Longwave Lamp (UV bulb seperate installation only one bulb can be used at time)