SKU MIN-6000-055
Ultraviolet Lamp Short/Long Wave-4 watt
$56.95 CAD / ea
Our beginners shortwave and longwave ultraviolet lamp. The shortwave UV is a enhanced four watt fluorescent tube emits the shortwave UV (254nm) specifically tuned to put out 40% more UV than other lamps of the same size. The longwave UV is emitted by a 375nm led putting longwave UV light. Did you know 90% of fluorescent minerals require a filtered shortwave UV light? The optical filter is a specialized piece of glass on top of the lamp. DO NOT buy a lamp with just the bulb. You need the optical filter to block out the visible light generated by the bulb. The filter glass is the most expensive part of a shortwave UV lamp. Among fluorescent minerals other uses for this handy little lamp include stamp collecting, science experiments, counterfeit detection, and more. Note: While the most affordable lamp on the market this lamp is not designed to be a field lamp. Our other shortwave lamps that are larger can be used out in the field. This lamp works well with rocks held in your hand within 12 inches. Shipping cost: $4.50 USA Anywhere International $14.00
  • Lamp Size: 6-1/2"" x 2-1/4"" x 3/4""
  • Wattage: Enhanced 4W
  • Bulb: Filtered Shortwave 254nm UV
  • Batteries Required: 4 AA (not included)
  • Weight: 5 ounces