SKU FFE-1003-145
Brunton 5008 360
$344.95 CAD / EA
NdFeB rare-earth magnet, precisely balanced on a sapphire bearing, resulting in a powerful magnet, which quickly seeks magnetic north and permits faster readings. Single NdFeB magnet resists demagnetization better than other types of magnets for increased reliability.

Vertical angle measurements to +/- 90 or 100% grades

A percent grade sale with increments of 5%

Induction dampened needle for quick, accurate readings

Sapphire jewel bearing allows for smooth needle movement

Magnetic declination adjustments allows for east or west declination settings to +/- 180

Short and long sights for increased accuracy when sighting azimuth or vertical angles

Precision aligned mirror with convenient "see-through" sighting capability

Composite body material has less thermal retention

Ball & socket tripod mount for increased accuracy

O-rings make the ComPro waterproof for increased reliability

Leather case included

Overall dimensions: 3.2''x2.8''x1.3''

Weight: 5.7 oz

Made in the USA

Brunton is committed to making the most reliable and accurate navigation instruments on the planet. Due to the technical, precision and professional nature of this product, it cannot be guaranteed under the U-Proof guarantee. As durable precision instruments that undergo constant and often rigorous use in the field, in order to maintain their accuracy and integrity, they simply need to be fixed up from time to time; just as you would tune your car or bike. Brunton offers full repair and refurbishment facilities for most models. We appreciate your kind understanding.