SKU FDF-1411-105
*Suspension Strips M512 50M
$79.95 CAD / EA
This Polyester self-adhesive, pre-punched Suspension carrier tape strip / Bande de suspension is used in the following systems: Planhold 506AR1, PiCo MF4, Archvite, DiAZit 7056, Monarch, Gabs, Kind, Elite, Suspendex, Ozaplan Vio, Agepa, Nestler, Vistaplan, Norman Wade Vertiplan, Plankenhorn, Multiprong, Vertiplan, Norman Wade Vertiplan Plus and Multiplan. Holes are 60mm apart and the suspension strip roll is 45mm x 50m M512 Roll of 50 meter, 45mm wide (1 1/8"W) Polyester Carrier Strips Eliminate fingerprint smudges or dog-eared corners with self-adhesive carrier strips. Each Carrier can be cut into seventy five 24" strips, sixty 30" strips and fifty 36" strips