SKU FFF-2326-696
Flagging Arctic Plus Pink Glo
$1.98 CAD / ea

Our Flagging Story - For over 40 years we have stocked and lab tested only the highest quality flagging.

These are some of the facts about our Arctic Flagging Tape & Imprinted Arctic Flagging:

Color - We have the brightest colours. Our Arctic Flagging Tape contains special UV stabilizers and is absolutely colour fast - In fact we guarantee the colour will exceed more than one year.

Cold Crack -40 Celsius. We live and work in the frozen north as do our customers and continually test our Arctic Flagging Tape to remain pliable and tie-able in -40 Celsius conditions.

Thickness - Our flagging is consistently 5mil or more. The thickness of our Arctic Flagging Tape is only one factor in tie-ability. One of the more important factors is elasticity by the use of plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers. Our Arctic Flagging Tape is formulated to include all of these.

Packaging - Conveniently shrink-wrapped 10 rolls to a sleeve. 120 rolls per case.