SKU FFE-1306-361
Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Rangefinder
$499.95 CAD / ea

Sleek, simple and deadly effective - all with the push of a button. Then, like lightning, Scout ® DX 1000 ARC™ acquires the target with built-in E.S.P. Turboprocessor. ARC calculates compensated distance based on terrain angle to give you an accurate “shoots like” reading out to 99 yards / 90 meters - even displaying 1/10th yard / meter out to 199 yards / 180 meters. With selectable Bow and Rifle Modes, each with their own specialized capabilities, it performs like two units in one. All housed inside a sleek, rubber-armored unit that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, yet tough enough to withstand any weather or terrain.