SKU FFE-3557-840
Automatic Level 24x 4811-24
$504.95 CAD / ea


The 24X auto level features a sturdy metal Japanese-style body with a magnetic dampened compensator. Fits 5/8 x 11 flat or domed tripods. The top cover plate is easily removed for adjustment. Accurate to 1/16 inch per 100 feet (with good weather conditions). Includes carrying case. Air dampened auto compensator. Double-sided, continuous horizontal tangent drives. Stadia lines for simple distance measurement. Water resistant construction. Convenient horizontal angle measurement. Built in bubble mirror and optical sighting alignment. Metal housing for increased durability. Kit comes with 5301-25-BLK tripod; rod in kit may be inches or mm.


Two-person leveling across the job site. Leveling forms and footers. Checking elevation. Measuring cut and fill.